Friday, August 13, 2010

Evidence-based cancer information on the Web for consumers

This article, published in the most recent issue of the journal Consumer Health on the Internet, is an example of collaboration across disciplinary boundaries for the benefit of consumers.The same issue includes articles about reliable web-based resources on pregnancy for women and their families and healthy heart information.

Development and Evaluation of a Cancer Information Web Portal: The Impact of Design and Presentation on User Engagement

Authors: Katherine Schilling - Katherine Schilling, MLS, EdD, AHIP ( is Assistant Professor, Indiana University School of Library and Information Science, 755 West Michigan Street, UL3100E, Indianapolis, IN 46202. Anna M. McDaniel, DNS, RN, FAAN ( is Assistant Dean of Research, Indiana University School of Nursing, Indianapolis, IN 46202.a; Anna M. McDanielb


Although cancer is one of the most prevalent chronic illnesses in the United States, many consumers do not have access to reliable, state-of-the-art cancer information on the Web. The Cancer Information portal translates evidence-based disease prevention and management information for text-based and multimedia delivery for diverse and low literacy citizens. Open-ended “key informant” interviews with consumers provided feedback on content presentation, and the portal's look, feel, and navigation. Evaluation assessed the portal's (1) readability, (2) required expertise, (3) user satisfaction, and (4) user comfort. Recommendations include improvements in key design areas to increase user efficacy and strengthen the portal's identity.
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